Fermentations: Rebuilding Digestion & The Microbiome

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Fermentations: Rebuilding Digestion and the Microbiome
Taught by
Master Clinician and Herbal Product Formulator,
Tamara Wolfson, L.Ac

This online course is a comprehensive introduction to the world of fermented foods.

In this course you will:

  • Gain a western scientific and Chinese medical perspective on the role of gut health and digestion in maintaining overall balance and strength in our bodies
  • Investigate the history and traditions involved in creating the fermentations that heal us
  • Acquire the tools YOU need to create fermentations in your own kitchen

Why is this course important for you?

Fermented food is a fundamental cornerstone of our bodies core nutritional needs.

To be healthy, you must regularly consume quality fermentations.

These kinds of foods have been a Dietary aid throughout all of human history, and have become lost in the last 70 years.

JOIN the dietary renaissance to help us regain our skills and traditions associated with fermenting foods.

Who needs this course?

  • For ANYONE wanting to simply be healthier
  • This course is for anyone suffering from any digestive issue
  • People wanting to strengthen their immune system
  • Anyone with an autoimmune disease
  • Mom's wanting to raise strong, healthy kids
  • Women in menopause
  • Clinicians who want to help their clients with digestive disorders
  • Anyone who is curious and motivated to expand their culinary horizons

Why learn from Tamara Wolfson?

She is as passionate about food as medicine, and has had decades of experience in the food world, in the kitchen, as a mom and clinician.

Fermentations are not purely an intellectual construct for her. They have been a way of life for Tamara Wolfson, her family, and her clinical practice for years.

In this unique and never before seen online course, Tamara Wolfson will share with you her ideas and experiences with fermenting and the richness of creating your own traditions through creating and sharing food.

What's in this course?

  • Three multi-hour long lectures, including hundreds of high definition slides, alongside video/audio of Tamara Wolfson
  • Two intimate never before seen video demonstrations
  • A Fermentation Seminar taught be Tamara Wolfson, in which she displays the variety of fermentations one can make (including unknown off-the-market fermentations), fermentation techniques, expert advice, and more!
  • A video demonstration in which Tamara Wolfson takes you through the process of making kimchi, beet kvass, yogurt, coconut kefir, cultured butter, and lacto-fermented pickles.
  • Multiple written Digestive Health Case Studies and Herbal Formulations


Approved for 15 California Continuing

Education Units and 15 PDAs nationwide through

the NCCAOM, for acupuncturists.