This exciting apitherapy class will discuss the uses of the six bee medicines; pollen, royal jelly, venom, honey, propolis, and beeswax and offer a brief overview of the many ways the honeybees are an extraordinary benefit to our environment and a wonderful healing aid. We will journey through history, from China and ancient Greece to modern day, reviewing the science, folklore, mythology and medicine of the BEES!

Approved for 15 California Continuing Education Units for Acupuncturists. 

The focus of this course is on rebuilding digestive function. We will examine the Western nutritional understanding of fermented foods; what they are, when to use them and how to make them will be discussed and demonstrated.

We will discuss intestinal health, protocols for using probiotics and modern research on our intestinal microbiome. We will strive bridge these modern concepts with those of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Approved for 15 California Continuing Education Units for Acupuncturists.



Coming This Winter...

“Good broth resurrects the dead.”

Stock is a super food for nourishing our body and keeping it healthy and strong. It is perfect in times of sickness and rehabilitation plus stock is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur, trace minerals, chondroitin, sulphates, glucosamine and is fantastic for healing joint issues, bone fractures and arthritis. Come learn about the healing properties of bone stock and how to make it!

Approved for 8 California Continuing Education Units for Acupuncturists.